Talk of a Hen’s Shed in Adelong

Adelong Men’s Shed members Jack Beattie and Ian Elliott may soon be joined by a Hen’s Shed.

Adelong Men’s Shed President’s Ian Elliott’s comments in the Tumut and Adelong Times last week seem to have “rattled a few cages.”

Their Wednesday morning session this week had quite a few new faces, and there’s also been several ladies contacting Ian about starting up a shed of their own, which in other places has been called a Hen’s Shed.

“We had three newcomers [on Wednesday] – a couple of them have been before – and I think [on Friday] there might be a couple of ladies coming along,” he said.

“One or two of the local women are coming along to see and discuss what they could do. I was stopped down the street by a couple of local ladies, who have been trying for years to get their husbands to come, and after all this we might end up getting the ladies first!

“It’s not all older ladies that we want, there’s also younger mums who’ve dropped their kids off that might want a couple of hours break.”

However, the Men’s Shed isn’t out of the woods yet. They could always use more members: anyone interested in learning a new skill, practicing the ones they already have by making something useful for the community, or simply sitting down for a cuppa by the fire, is more than welcome to come along on Wednesday mornings, as well as most Tuesdays and Thursdays, to 39 Lockhart Street, Adelong.

Their Annual General Meeting is coming up, on Wednesday, July 26, starting at 10.30am at the Men’s Shed, and all positions will be declared vacant. For more information, Men’s Shed President Ian Elliott can be contacted on 0428 474 333.

However, Ian wants to stress that he isn’t trying to criticise the members the Shed already has by reaching out to the community looking for more people that could play an active role.

“One or two of the members had taken it the wrong way, but we were able to reassure them that we weren’t having a go at them, it was to get people talking and thinking about things, and get them a bit more involved,” he said.

“The analogy one bloke used was that in the Tour de France in the cycling race, for one rider to win the race, he doesn’t win it on his own, every member of the team has to pull their own weight, and there’s no difference here. Everybody has to pull their own weight. Otherwise we won’t have a Shed.

“We’re hopeful that more people will come.”