TCA’s alternate Batlow Road plan

The Tumut Community Association are lobbying for a new section of road, indicated in purple, along the Batlow Road/Snowy Mountains Highway intersection.

The Tumut Community Association has written to state MP Daryl Maguire with a suggested plan for the Batlow Road/Snowy Mountains Highway intersection, following the death of a woman in an accident there last month.

The TCA said in a letter that their plan had the support of the Batlow Development League and the Gilmore Progress Association, who all fear another accident is inevitable at the “dangerous” intersection.

“Daryl our local community is in mourning having lost a much loved lady and matriarch of the valley and would appreciate your urgent attention to this matter,” the letter said.

“The RMS last year spent a lot of time and money upgrading the road formation which did nothing to improve motorist ability to see oncoming cars and trucks and in fact has made the intersection even more dangerous because of the increased speed capability of traffic on the Snowy Mountains Hwy.

“Many solutions have been discussed by all concerned, however this intersection remains and is now a major Black Spot. We would suggest that in the interim until a suitable road design to safeguard our friends and families is found the speed limit in this zone be reduced to 80km per hour as a matter of urgency.”

Their suggestion for a safer road involves not taking further steps to modify the intersection, an approach which has already been tried, but floats the considerably more expensive idea of creating a new artery altogether.

A new section of road for vehicles turning left onto the highway from Batlow Road would branch off from the current path and connect with the highway several hundred meters away, closer to Adelong, before looping round and reconnecting with the Snowy Mountains Highway via the Gilmore Mill Road.

“Vehicles would exit Batlow Road to the left before the intersection, proceed under the bridge for the SMH, utilizing portion of the disused rail corridor, then proceed via the old Travelling Stock Route land merging with the SMH,” the letter explains.

“Vehicles turning left from Batlow Road would proceed to the SMH in the usual way and east bound vehicles on the SMH would proceed or turn right in the usual way. The Batlow Road intersection with the SMH would become No Right Turn.”

The TCA is also in consensus that a roundabout is required for the Snowy Mountains Highway/Gocup Road intersection, which has been the site of many accidents.