Thousands raised in days for Pete Harvey

Batlow resident Pete Harvey needs money for brain surgery.
Batlow resident Pete Harvey needs money for brain surgery.

A GoFundMe campaign for Batlow resident Pete Harvey’s brain surgery has raised $21,000 in five days.

The campaign was started by Pete’s sons Trent and Brad Harvey, who wrote on the page that their father was a dedicated and hardworking family man.

“My father, Peter Harvey, has worked hard and dedicated his entire life to provide the best possible opportunities and lifestyle for his family. He has lived on the family property, in Batlow, his whole life and has made his living growing some of the best apples in the world for over 30 years and now is about to undergo a life-saving brain surgery,” they said.

“As he is coming to the end of his working career he deserves to be reaping the rewards of a lifetime of hard work and putting his family first, but instead he is now under more pressure than ever just to make ends meet, keep the farm and survive. After enduring not one, but two freak storms in the last few years, one being declared an agricultural natural disaster and wiping out close to 9,000 tonnes of the towns’ apples and close to $14 million damage to the small towns’ yearly harvest, he pushed forward, re-mortgaged the family property and just scraped through to keep the farm!”

They are aiming to raise $30,000, the amount required for Pete’s life-saving brain surgery.

The procedure began two days ago, but it was initially aborted due to complications. The boys said they will update concerned community members on the GoFundMe page as the situation develops.

The family realised Pete’s health was at risk when we began experiencing severe headaches, loss of hearing, sight, and balance.

Tests revealed the cause of these significant concerns – multiple aneurysms in the brain.

The surgery is a must, but it will put him out of work for months.

The family are asking for donations through the page to help get them through this difficult time.

Trent and Brad said that it wasn’t in their nature to ask for help from others, but the necessity of the extra money has pushed them to reach out to the community for support.

“Being the stoic, proud country man that he is, there is no way he would ever ask for help or even show that he needs it. Being raised the way that we have, knowing the importance of working for what you have, we would never normally ask for help either, but feel that these circumstances are an exception as we have no other option,” they said.

“Our Dad has so much love and support around him from family and friends, and although he will get some money back from the surgery he will still be very out of pocket and needs all the help he can get financially to get through this. Any help, no matter how small, would be forever appreciated by him and by us.”

Donations large and small are flowing into the page, with emotional messages of support attached.

“I only have $12.87 in my account so I could only donate $10. Best wishes!” commented Hailey Jones.

“Wishing you all the best Pete. Our whole family is thinking of you but we know you’re a tough bugger. Love from Lou, Sharon, and family xx,” said Sharon LeCerf.

A tongue-in-cheek message came from Jason Brown: “Good luck Peter, even though you said you’d cut my fingers off one day when I was pruning for you in the orchard, I still love ya all the best mate.”

The campaign can be found at