Toastmaster Trish earns gold Triple Crown

Trish Mathews with her three triple crown pins, awarding her gold status.

Member of the Tumut Toastmasters Trish Mathews has achieved a significant feat – she’s the beneficiary of a gold triple crown, an accolade that takes three years of hard work to be awarded.

The gold triple crown is the result of a complicated series of qualifications within the Toastmasters world (three lots of three certificates based on communication and leadership challenges, along with holding the area governor position), but suffice it to say, it’s the result of Trish’s dedication to the local club.

“We chartered almost eight years ago now, and we’ve done 187 meetings, and I’ve only missed six!” she laughed.

“I just love it. You get out there and do things you couldn’t even imagine yourself doing, and it’s just incredible. I probably would have been the shyest person in town before I joined Toastmasters. I still get extremely nervous, but now I have the confidence to know that I can speak. My grammar can be off but that’s okay, I’m up there doing it.”

The Tumut Toastmasters group is part of Toastmasters International, and involves fun and challenging activities to improve speaking and leadership skills.

They work with the schools and the TAFE, and have members wanting to improve their speaking for purposes spanning creating podcasts to school teaching.

“There’s one guy who’s going to his son’s wedding, and he’s going to be MC and do the toast so he wanted to be quite confident that when he got up in front of everybody that he was going to make a good impression,” Trish said.

“One really good one we do is people who are going for a job interview and they want to make sure they’re confident, so we’ll sit in with them as a panel and interview them and give them a couple of run throughs.

“Public speaking is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We have a lot of laughs in our club too; everyone likes to be a bit silly and carry on – it’s light-hearted. You’re not there to be judged. You’ll be evaluated, but you’re not judged.”

The Toastmasters will be hosting the Area Toastmasters competition on August 5, with training sessions with people from the corporate sphere in the morning.

Anyone interested in the club should call Trish Matthews on 6947 4381.