Traffic lights at crash hot-spot

Traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of the Snowy Mountains Highway and Gocup Road, at a cost of $1.8 million.

Tumut will soon have its first set of traffic lights, with the state government this week earmarking $1.8 million for a project to improve safety at the intersection of the Snowy Mountains Highway and Capper Street.

There have been calls to upgrade the notorious crash hot-spot for decades due to its reputation for inducing collisions.

Emergency crews are regularly called to attend accidents at the intersection, the vast majority caused by drivers travelling along Gocup Road failing to give way.

In the 2017 state budget, the government set aside $500,000 for an investigation into improving the intersection, and they’ve now settled on a set of traffic lights as the appropriate measure.

While many residents have called for a roundabout at the intersection, that’s previously been ruled out, due to a lack of space to cater for b-doubles, and potentially, b-triples in the future.

The upgrade of the intersection is one of a number of safety projects earmarked by the government this year, with $3.7 million to be spent across the Wagga electorate.

In our region, the RMS will have another go at the Batlow intersection on the Snowy Mountains Highway, this time spending $310,000. It will be the third time in recent years the RMS has attempted to improve that intersection.

While the scope of that work has not been outlined, one measure will include installing vehicle activated signage, which typically alerts drivers to an oncoming intersection.

There’s a further $450,000 of work on the Batlow Road, for safety barriers and line marking, while there’ll be vehicle activated signage for the Snowy Mountains Highway near Adelong, as well as road improvements, at a cost of $450,000.