Trout season closure

THERE ends the NSW trout stream fishing season and what a season it has been.

As a recount, it started typically wet as the last few summers have been. 

Fishing was excellent from top to bottom. 

The guides at Haul Fly Fishing saw some amazing quality Brown Trout and typically large numbers of Rainbows while drifting and bank fishing the Tumut. 

The smaller lowland streams provided the goods with light tackle fishing. 

The conditions were impeccable. 

Coming into the early part of the season we tackled an incredible 5.5lb, 62cm rainbow  trout in a small creek up towards Batlow. 

It was all too good. 

The Hopper fishing was great but not as good as the dry years and this is typically due to the spread of good grass being so broad through the paddocks. 

When the good grass is concentrated to the edges of the streams like in drought years you tend to get better hopper fishing but that’s really just being greedy, it was so much fun this season. 

The demise of the streams came late in the season with mass migration of cormorants returning to the coast coinciding with low river levels. 

There is a great podcast detailing this effect if you want to hear more search for Phillip Weigals episode on the Fly Fisher’s Podcast on Spotify. 

The streams will be left to rest for a few months and will no doubt return with strength. 

A positive to the thinning of trout numbers is that smaller populations grow bigger fish due to less competition so we have positives to look forward to in the next season. 

Until then, gear up for lake fishing and seek other fishing opportunities like natives in the lowland waters and lakes and stay tuned for how to’s and reports on these great options of the Snowy Valleys. 

Stay warm and tight lines.

– Angus

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