Tumut angler catches big prize

Rhys Creed from Social Fishing holds up another big catch

You could excuse local Tumut fisherman, Rhys Creed, for being surprised when his self made fresh water fishing website was voted the best in the world by international website, Feedspot.

But when asked if he ever expected his website to get this big, Rhys answer may also be the reason why.


“And I expect it to get bigger too.”

Rhys first started his freshwater fishing site called ‘Socialfishing.com’ in 2015 and along with his team of mates he has built the website into one of the most comprehensive and accessible blogs in the world.

After growing up in Wagga Rhys moved to Tumut three years ago and has been running Social Fishing ever since.

But it’s success has been no accident for the keen angler who has been learning how to build the website working towards his dream since 2012.

“I came up with the idea just as I finished school,” Creed said.

“It took three years learning how to build websites, film and designing how I was going to do it.

“Self taught in everything, I built the website myself and with a bunch of mates who helped me out a lot.”

And the hard work has paid off for Rhys and his team after being awarded ‘Best freshwater fishing blog in the world’ from feedspot.com.

The award was based on SEO (Search engine optimization) results, quality of content, regularity of posts and social media following, making it clear that the website is on the right track.

“To know that it’s been voted the best is good because it just gives us another stepping stone and another drive to keep it going,” Creed said.

“At times you don’t know if its working or not and with anything where you start from scratch and put so much time into it you have lows and highs but this is definitely a big high.”

Rhys journey started as a 10-year-old-boy in Wagga with a passion for fishing. But it was a particular day’s out with a mate that grabbed Rhys hook line and sinker.

“When I was about 10 me and a mate went to a carp comp in Wagga and a fella we were chatting to said he caught heaps of carp down at lake albert.

“The next day we went down and caught a heap of carp and after that every single weekend we use to go down there for about 4-5 years and just couldn’t get enough of it.”

While still having to work a full time job while chipping away at the site on afternoons and weekends the website has been online since 2015.

And after pursing him dream since finishing high school, Rhys has put a lot on the line to get the site up and running despite some people around him not sharing his enthusiasm.

“My parents were a bit unsure,” he said.

“My dad said to go get a trade just to back it up but I always knew I had to do it.

“Even fishing industry expert people tried to steer me away from it, they said give it a crack but I never had anyone tell me it’ll succeed.”

But from his own knowledge and research Rhys could see there was a gap in the market and decided to take a chance and pursue his passion.

“There was a need for more info you’d have to search for hours and you’d only get little bits and pieces,” he said.

“So I just fully concentrated on it, taught myself how to build a website and did a few course to help me get there.

“You’ve got to follow your passion and if your not loving what you do its not worth it.”

And there is plenty more fish in the sea for the ambitious fisherman who is only just at the beginning on his fishing career dreaming of even bigger and better catches.

“The next step is do an online show and then from there could be a TV show, magazines and a whole heap of other things.”

“The goal is to just keep building and building.”

You can check out their website for any fresh water fishing tips, tricks and tutorials at socialfishing.com.au.