Tumut birds in State Championships

Vince Wood.

TUMUT District Poultry Club’s Vince Wood will enter about 20 birds in the NSW State Poultry Championships in Goulburn this weekend.

He and his father Lee will be two of several club members who will enter the State Championships or/and the Royal Canberra Poultry Show.

“It’s the first time the State Championships have been held in Goulburn, and there’s quite  few going,” Vince Wood said.

Kellie Stanfield, Leanne Knox and Clare Malone are among the Tumut District Poultry Club members who will be going to both events. Fellow Tumut Club member Damien Cooper will be exhibiting at the annual Australorp show, which will make up part of the Royal Canberra Poultry Show.

Vince and Lee Wood will be exhibiting Australian Pit Game and Old English Game birds at the State Championships and they know they are competing in the big league.

“Thee will be 3000 birds at Goulburn so I am as confident as I can be with that amount of competition,” Vince said.

Vince has been a poultry enthusiast for 14 years this year.

“It keeps you going forever,” he said.

“The hobby is always going to be part of your life; it’s always going to keep you busy year-round.”

Vince has anywhere between 100 and 200 birds at different times of the year.

It was Lee who was responsible for getting Vince into the hobby.

“Dad owned a lot of Old English bantams,” Vince said.

A Poultry Club member took ill and asked him to look after his birds, but he didn’t recover, so dad kept them,” he said.

The State Championships has over $6000 in cash, prizes and trophies on offer and as a state wide event has state accredited judges, a live auction call and professional poultry photographers.

The extensive range of birds includes a selection of soft feather, hard feather, standard, bantam, waterfowl, purebred, rare and crossbreeds plus the sale of equipment such as incubators, feeders and carry boxes.

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