Tumut breaks free of isolation

Levi Knight finally got a chance to hit the Tumut Skate Park.

The sun glistened down on Tumut and surrounds on Saturday and Sunday as families broke free of their forced isolation and kids finally ran amok at local parks and community centres.

The Pioneer and Bull Paddock Parks were popular hot spots, with families picnicking, the skate park bustling and the sound of kids laughing and playing filling the air.

Kelli Campton, who was enjoying the day with her daughter Lyla Ireland, was glad that the NSW Government has eased social isolation laws on Friday, suggesting that Lyla needed to get out and have some fun.

“Lyla hated being trapped at home, she has missed socialising and hadn’t seen other kids until today,” Ms Campton said.

“She gets a little bit grumpy being cooped up at home.”

When asked if she was worried about the potential spread of Covid-19, Ms Campton believes there was little chance of it being contracted locally.

“I’m cautious, I think we all are as parents, but there is no cases in Tumut or Wagga, so I think we are okay,” Ms Campton said.

“We all just need to keep being careful.”

Frankie Broad was enjoying being at the park on Sunday.

Shawn Makepeace was also out and about with Adeena Duncan, who was finally getting the chance to play at the park.

Adeena was in the Tumut and Adelong Times recently after she was forced to celebrate her eighth birthday in isolation.

“She was so upset she had to have her birthday in isolation but she loves being at the park, so I think she is over it now,” Makepeace laughed.

“She just loves coming to the park.”

Adeena was also treated with a trip to Adelong, as the family really soaked up the beautiful weather and the opportunity to finally get out of the house.

“It has been a beautiful three days, we went up to the Adelong Gold Mine ruins, grabbed some lunch and decided we couldn’t go home and that’s how we ended up here,” Makepeace said.

“I don’t think we were the only other ones who thought that way either, it is good to see people out and about.”

Tumut was also a destination for travellers, with Darren Nicholls venturing across to Tumut for a belated Mothers Day celebration, a visit to the Tumut Cemetery and play at the park.

“The kid’s grand mother is buried here in Tumut, so we came across from Wagga to celebrates Mothers Day and catch up with family,” Nicholls said.

“It’s been absolutely beautiful and the kids are getting a chance to have some fun.”