Tumut home trashed by vandals

Amanda Grant’s home was targeted by vandals.

A Tumut woman has had her Clarke Street home trashed by vandals while it was being renovated.

Amanda Grant had only moved out of the house for 20 days when she received a nightmare call from neighbours.

They’d noticed something different about the house, and poked their heads in the back door. Inside, it was covered in graffiti, with “meth til death,” “MTD”, and vulgar symbols sprayed in black on the pristine walls.

The vandals had used power tools to drill into the kitchen bench, splashed paint everywhere, and left wine bottles and other rubbish lying around.

They used power tools to cause significant damage to the house.

Ms Grant estimates the total cost to her, after insurance, will be $34,000.

“It’s not a simple replace it and it’s done,” she said.

“It’s lots of things – we’re in the process of selling the house, and now we’ve had to put that off. We’ve purchased a pub which was supposed to part of the process … there’s this whole chain reaction that’s been set off because of what these people have decided to do.”

Police are investigating, and Ms Grant is asking anyone with any information about the perpetrators to please come forward.

“People need to speak up,” she said.

“If you know who it is and you’re able to prove it, its important that we as a community stand up to these people. It’s not fair that people feel violated and scared in their own homes that they’ve worked really hard for.

“Keep your eyes and ears peeled and look after your neighbours.”

Ms Grant has always tried to be understanding of those born into or struck with tough circumstances – but these criminals, who targeted her house for no reason other than malice, she finds it hard to feel sorry for.

“They’ve just got no regard, they don’t know what hard work is, they don’t know how to sacrifice to achieve,” she said.

“I used to feel for them. I used to think you must have had a terrible life, you must be in dire need – but they just came and vandalised. It wasn’t like they were searching for food or money. They just came to be a–holes, and they were very successful at it.”

Anyone with information should call the Tumut Police on 6947 7199, or CrimeStoppers can be contacted anonymously on 1800 333 000.