Tumut lands fly-fishing double

Geoff Naylor proudly shows off one of his catches. He’ll co-ordinate the upcoming NSW Fly Fishing titles.

Tumut will host both the state and Australian fly-fishing championships over the next two months.

The state titles will be held the weekend of April 13 and 14, featuring 32 competitors, with the Australian championships then staged on May 23 and 24, bringing 60 competitors to the Tumut River.

Co-ordinator and accomplished fly fishing competitor Geoff Naylor said securing the national titles was a major achievement for the town.

Anglers will test their skills on the Tumut River, while Tantangara  Dam (via the Port Phillip Fire Trail) will be the lake venue. In case of inclement weather conditions the backup lake is Talbingo.

Anglers fish three hour sessions. One group fishes the river the first day then the lake and then the groups swap.

Before the nationals, the Tumut River will host the fourth round of the NSW Fly Fishing Championships.

It’s the biggest Fly Fishing Association river competition held across all states and territories and has been ranked as the best river competition of its kind in Australia.

Each angler fishes a pegged out beat of about two to three hundred metres which under international rules should have rapids and slower water. That’s also the case for the national championships.

“Anglers only get to fish  four, two-hour sessions with barbless hooks and have controllers who measure and ensure all regulations are followed,” Mr Naylor said.

“Competitors have already been practising on the river, filling up local accommodation. Many have brought their families along.”

Mr Naylor thanked landholders who had provided access to competitors, as well as the local fish stocking groups who maintain trout levels.

FFNSW/ACT are looking for people to act as controllers for the national titles.

Thirty-five will be required who will be able to observe some of the best anglers in Australia which will help develop their own skills.

Controllers will receive training for the competition and also receive a special thank you package along with $100, free complementary presentation dinner and on the Saturday afternoon will get a free session on European fishing techniques with Mr Naylor.

More information and controller information/registration can be found by googling Fly Fish Australia. and scrolling down to the 2019 National and 2019 National Controller information. The contact e-mail is [email protected] The local contact number is Geoff  Naylor  0438873019.