Tumut Police uncover explosive

Police say they uncovered an explosive device at a Blowering Road property.

TUMUT police say they found submunitions – part of a larger explosive – munitions, projectiles and a shotgun reloading press, located at a Tumut property on Blowering Road on Wednesday, September 6.

Inspector Stephen Radford said Tumut detectives, general duties and specialist police executed a third search warrant in the last 12 months on a Blowering Road property.

They were there looking for bombs and explosives. “At previous search warrants a range of drugs, explosives and firearms were located,” Inspector Radford alleged.

“Extensive police searching located the ‘stash’ in a hidden bunker under a vehicle ute tray on the semi-rural property.

“This repeated attention by police illustrates the tenacity of the Tumut detectives and general duties to actively target criminals in our community and limit the harm they can cause.

“The sub munition was dealt with (made safe) by the Police Bomb and Rescue Squad and the Australia Defence Force.”

Inspector Radford encouraged anyone who could identify the MEC Shotgun re-loader to contact Detective Parker at the Tumut Detectives on 6947 7199.

“This is another recent example of great police work. This supports our local mantra ‘If you say something we’ll do something’ no matter how many attempts we may need to make!,” Inspector Radford said.

People with information on illegal arms and munitions are urged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 222 000.”