Tumut Snowy 2.0 drop-in sessions informative

Snowy Hydro’s Anna Rudd explains some of the points of the Snowy 2.0 project to Tumut resident John Hawkes at the drop-in session at Wynyard Street on Thursday November 12.

Snowy Hydro says its Snowy 2.0 drop in sessions hit the right notes with the Tumut public on Thursday November 12.

Snowy Hydro representatives held sessions in a park in Wynyard Street from late morning to early afternoon, and then at Tumut Golf Club in the evening.

“From our point of view it was really successful,” Snowy Hydro’s Stephanie McKew said.

“We received a really warm welcome from the people of Tumut.”

Ms McKew said the sessions gave Snowy Hydro the opportunity to establish contacts with business people, the general community, special interest groups and Shire councillors.

“We got some leads into the community, and we would like to attend some of the monthly meetings of groups and organisations,” Ms McKew said.

“We had someone from one of the fly fishing groups asking what parts of the lake may not be able to be accessed at some times and we were able to explain some of the short-term impacts of the project. It was really valuable to get that feedback from local people.

“Not everyone knows about the project so it was a good opportunity to talk to people who weren’t familiar with it, and wanted to know why it is needed.”

Tumut resident John Hawkes said he found the drop-in session “very informative.”

“I’ve got a house in Talbingo so I have an investment in what goes on,” he said.

“They answered all my questions so I hope it goes ahead. It is going to be a lot better for the community than people realise. It’s bigger than I ever thought it would be. It will be fantastic and everyone will get a taste of the cherry at some stage.”