Tumut Swim Club name captains

Tumut Swim Club coach Max Hargreaves (middle) with 2019/20 captains Andy Dodds, Megan Castle, Emily Mudie and Daniel Castle.

Tumut Swimming Club will have four captains in 2019/20 with last year’s skippers Andy Dodds and Emily Mudie, now joined by Daniel and Megan Castle.

As training and Friday club nights really kick into gear, so will the club’s attendance at carnivals, and with that comes the responsibility of older swimmers to lead by example for the club’s younger swimmers.

Tumut Swimming Club coach Max Hargreaves highlighted the importance of having four captains who would set the standard.

“Basically when we have a carnival, we look for captains to assist junior swimmers with relay events and keeping them in their lane,” he said.

“We also want them helping with marshalling and keeping the kids together.”

Hargreaves went on to explain that it wasn’t just at carnivals that their leadership needed to be on show, suggesting that training and Friday night meets were just as important.

“They are the club leaders and they need to set an example for the younger swimmers by participating in training and events,” he said

“They are essentially role models.”

Tumut Swimming Club went as far as naming four captains this year in an attempt to put less pressure of Dodds and Mudie, and to help usher through the next batch of club leaders.

“We will always have someone there ready to help out, especially with four captains,” he said.

“Andy and Emily did it last year and did a great job, while the twins (Daniel and Megan Castle) are new to the game but I’m sure they will do a great job.”

2018/19 captain Andy Dodds was happy to admit he learned a lot last season and was taking pride in having the opportunity to captain the Tumut Swimming Club again.

“I really learned that it was important to have a leader in a club environment like this,” he said.

“Young swimmers especially need role models for training, racing or any manner of swimming.”

Andy Dodds was leading by example last Friday night, powering along in the 100m Butterfly event.

Dodds believes the role of captain also stretches past swimming activities and hopes he can help in more ways than one.

“There are so many ways you can help, even assisting with the committee and setting up,” he said.

“Just little things that help take some of the pressure off those running the club and organising events.”

This leadership was on show on Saturday with the Tumut Swim Club sending 17 swimmers to Junee to participate in the Southern Inland Swimming Association meet.

More events will be on the horizon and Dodds, along with Mudie and the Castle siblings will be working hard to help the Tumut Swimming Club going forward.