Tumut Takes 2 takes hiatus

Tumut Takes 2 founder Jess Coleman (middle) and members of her cast that were told on Sunday that this year’s shows would be postponed until June, 2021.

Another major Tumut event will fall by the wayside due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, with organisers of Tumut Takes 2 deciding to postpone their shows until 2021.

Initially booked in for the June long weekend, performers will now have until June 2021 to deliver their performances. 

Tumut Takes 2 matriarch Jessica Coleman delivered the disappointing news to her performers in a meeting at Tumut River Brewing Company on Sunday afternoon.

“We are following advice from NSW Health and Federal Government health authorities, in light of the evolving Covid-19 situation,” Ms Coleman said.

“The show dates are still weeks away, however, with the safety of our cast members and the wider community in mind, Tumut Takes 2 2020 will be postponed.”

Ms Coleman acknowledged it would be unfair of Tumut Takes 2 and their performers to be asking any more of the community during this difficult time and suggested that fundraising efforts would begin again next year. 

“As a whole committee, we have decided that planned fundraising events requiring attendance will also be put on hold,” Ms Coleman said.  

“To avoid any over burden on our community in the recovery period of our current situation, it is our hope that we can pick up where we left off with the fundraising and performances next year.”

It wasn’t just the Coronavirus outbreak that led Ms Coleman and the Tumut Takes 2 committee to the decision to postpone, with the recent Dunns Road bushfire playing a strong role as well.

“After the fires, Tumut and the wider community were already going to struggle to regroup and when you add what we are facing now, we had no other alternative but to postpone the event,” Ms Coleman said.

The event founder wanted to reassure the community that the entertainers and charities involved for the planned 2020 show would remain the same going forward and that this decision was merely a postponement of what is sure to be another terrific weekend of Tumut Takes 2.

“The current charities will remain our beneficiaries and the current cast will become members of ‘Tumut Takes 2 – Take 2’,” Ms Coleman said.

“We thank you for your continuous support over the years and hope that you all understand that in these unprecedented times we will take all precautions to protect our community.”

Cast member Jess Sturt was happy that Tumut Takes 2 made the early decision to postpone the event, believing it was the only decision that could be made in light of the current situation.   

“Absolutely it was the right decision,” Ms Sturt said.

“If the committee’s decision was anything but the one that was made on Sunday, I would’ve been surprised.”

Ms Sturt isn’t worried by the extended postponement and believes each cast member will now have ample opportunity to fundraise for his or her chosen charities.

“I think we will be fine, a lot of us have already had a good start to fundraising and if anything, once the town is ready, I feel like our fundraising events will help bring people back together after all this is done and dusted,” Ms Sturt said.

“All these charities will still need this money and I think it’s very important it continues once we get the okay from Jess (Coleman) and the committee.”

Another cast member supporting the decision to postpone the popular event was Mark Elder.

“I honestly believe it is the only decision Tumut Takes 2 could make,” Elder said.

“Whether we as entertainers wanted it (Tumut Takes 2) to go on or not, with the current changes to social gatherings and that impact on small businesses, it simply just couldn’t happen.”

Elder, who will be fundraising for Tumut and District Little Athletics, said the postponement only makes him more motivated for next year’s event.

“It gives me more motivation to fundraise, give back to the community and prepare for the show and give the best performance possible.”