Tumut teams represent at Senior State Netball Titles

Tumut Representative under 15s player Alex Crowe flies high for a shot at goal against Blayney at the weekend.

The Crampton Electrical 17s and Murray’s Plumbing 15s netball teams travelled to the Senior State Titles, held in Camden, last weekend. 

The 17s faced formidable opponents over the course of the weekend. Coach Carmel Lemon and manager Liz Crampton played pivotal roles in the team’s development and success throughout the representative season. 

The Under 17s challenged all teams over the weekend and secured a strong win against Parkes on day 3. 

The 17s journey this season has been a testament to their hard work and resilience. 

All players have demonstrated remarkable improvement, showcasing their growing skills and teamwork throughout the season.

Throughout the weekend, the Under 17s exhibited exceptional sportsmanship. Their conduct on and off the court was commendable, earning respect from fellow competitors and spectators alike. Every opposing team had to push their limits to secure a win. The Under 17s never gave up, displaying an unwavering fighting spirit.

The Under 15s netball team made a remarkable impact over the weekend, thrilling spectators and parents alike with their outstanding performances across 16 exciting games. 

Expertly guided through the season by coach Jodie Hamilton and the management of Karen Cobden, the young team showcased their talent, determination, and sportsmanship on the big stage. During the weekend the team was skillfully mentored by Tracey Gorman and Michaela Smith.

Throughout the tournament, the Under 15s delivered some nail-biting finishes, keeping parents and supporters on the edge of their seats. 

The highlight of their campaign was their incredible performance against the eventual tournament winners, where they narrowly missed victory by just two goals.

All girls played their hearts out in every game. 

Their hard work and dedication throughout the season paid off, and they can hold their heads high after such a strong showing, finishing seventh in the competition.

The draw for Saturday June 15

is as follows:

10am: Court 1, Div 7, Tigeriffic v Feisty Fillies; Court 2, Div 8, Tiger Tots  v Gemstone Dolphins; Court 3, Div 8, Sparkle Sisters v Wizz Fizzers; Court 4, Div 8, Fast Fillies v Bluebells; Court 5, Div 7, Tiger Cubs v Pink Ladies.

All division 7 & 8 games are to be umpired by the coach of each team.

11am: Court 1, Div 6, Cherry Bombs v Tiger Lillies (Allie Piper & Olivia Forsyth); Court 2, Div 6, The Superboltz v AKD Star Power (Emmy Gaskin & Zoe McKay); Court 3, Div 4/5, Live Wires v Shooting Stars (Abi Bock & Lydia Salmon).

12pm: Court 2, Div 4/5, Fergie’s Purple Thunder v Tiger Pride (Sophie Ryan & Savannah Bower); Court 3, Div 4/5, Elliott’s 11’s v Cool Rainbows (Annalise Maher & Audrey Hanson).

1pm: Court 1, Div 3, DME 13’s v Club Tumut 12’s (Jodie Hamilton & Cybella Roddy); Court 2, Div 3, Bush Chemist v Sparkles (Penny Schirmer & Rori Caffery); Court 3, Div 1/2, Chalkies v Gundy Queens (Taylor Gorman & Allie Piper).

2pm: Court 1, Div 3, Tiger Magic v Kiss My Pass (Eadie McKay & Missy Ryan); Court 2, Div 1/2, Fire Ballers v Fire Shooters (Tasma Pentland & Hannah Hood); Court 3, Div 1/2, Woolpack v Hot Chips (Amelia Baker & Indiah Halloran).

3pm: Court 2, Div 1/2, Murray’s 15’s v Batlow RSL (Asha Perrin & Chloe Turnbull); Court 3, Div 1/2, Crampton 17’s v Goode’s 14’s (Tash Wells & Taylor Gorman).

Bye: Court Queens

Canteen Duty

10am, Live Wires; 11am, Fast Fillies; 12pm, Chalkies; 1pm, Fire Ballers.

• • • • • •

Just a remember that ALL players must be registered before taking the court on Saturday.

 If anyone is having trouble or hasn’t received the link to register online please contact either you team contact person or email [email protected]

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