Tumut Turf Club maintains TAB status

The Tumut Turf Club will again be the focus of the entire country with the small country club retaining their TAB status for the upcoming 2020/21 season.

But misses out on second Sky Racing meeting

The Tumut Turf Club has received some good news during the Covid-19 crisis, with the small country club maintaining their status as a TAB racetrack.

After a 19-year TAB racing hiatus, Tumut made a huge return to the spotlight earlier this year, with the NSW TAB taking nearly $1 million on the strong six-race-program, whilst the club also watched over 1000 patrons walk through the gates.

On the back of this success, Tumut Turf Club will likely see their Sky Racing meeting held on January 16, 2021, no doubt headlining their four-race-season.

Club president David Rosetta was pleased to hear that Tumut Turf Club had retained the meeting and said it was always the club’s goal to be racing TAB meetings.

“That has been the goal to get that ongoing TAB meeting and that is where we are at right now,” Rosetta said.

There are still some questions surrounding how the 2021 Tumut Turf Club TAB meeting will look though, with Racing NSW considering changing the date to suit the Tumut Cup, or potentially even swapping the days.

“I would prefer the feature meeting to be the Tumut Cup, everyone wants to win cups and I think if you have a TAB meeting on your cup day, its creates more interest,” Rosetta said.

“That interest can only be better for the cup, with increased betting turnover, while typically, your cup meeting attracts better horses, meaning good races and happy punters.”

Unfortunately, with Covid-19 causing havoc in all sports, overall TAB turnover has been down and a request for a second Tumut Turf Club TAB meeting has been denied.

“We were told that, which is unfortunate but it is what it is; we will focus on what we have at the moment” Rosetta said.

Rosetta did admit he was worried that Covid-19 could interrupt Tumut Turf Club’s start to the 2020/21 season, which is set to commence on Derby Day, October 31.

“We aren’t doing much at the moment, just some maintenance work and hopefully we will be putting a shed up for our barriers in the next two weeks,” Rosetta said.

“At the moment, things are changing so quickly and we are hoping its business at usual but we have always said, crowd or no crowd, we want to race.”

The club president explained that he was willing to run at a significant loss if it meant industry participants would have the option to race in front of a crowd-less Tumut racecourse.

“The support we get from trainers is terrific and we are always trying to give back as well,” Rosetta said.

“I have always said, even if it meant we ran at a loss of $20,000, we would try and race.

“My goal is the racing and I want to see good racing first and foremost, then we can focus on the other things.”

For the moment, the Tumut Turf Club will be watching the ever-changing situation, while still preparing for the upcoming season.