Turf Club reports on strong race season

The Tumut Turf Club reported some great gains after another bumper season of racing.

With the Tumut Turf Club preparing for the 2020/21 race season, the club’s committee held their Annual General Meeting on Sunday at Club Tumut, reporting on yet another strong year both on and off the track.

A net surplus of $12,865 accompanied by $371,218 earnings in 2019/20, compared to $304,429 from the 2018/19 season, demonstrated the club is moving in the right direction. 

Expenditure did jump up to almost $70,000 to $373,565; but this was largely due to a nearly $53,000 increase in prizemoney due to the club’s first TAB meeting in 19 years.

In key areas such as sponsorship, Racing NSW’s scheme of distribution, race-day book sales and sky incentive; the club saw notable increases.  

The club sits in a strong position with over $110,000 in cash or cash equivalents, which should serve them well for the upcoming season that will no doubt be impacted by Covid-19. 

At the AGM, there was some change to the current committee, with Jeff Hanson stepping down as secretary and Alicia Hargreaves moving into the vacant role. 

Additionally, Jacintha Bedford was nominated to take on the vacant treasurer’s role, with the club clearly eyeing Bedford as a successor to Hargreaves. 

Frank Snow retained the role of vice president, but will be assisted by Tom Murphy, who is also now vice president. 

Michelle Rossiter is the events coordinator and public officer, while Dave Rosetta will turn out again as president. 

Rosetta said that this season would likely be his last year at the helm of the Tumut Turf Club.  

“This time next year, I will be asking for someone else to take on the president’s job, we have a good and talented group of people on the committee and it’s time for someone else to add something different to the club,” Rosetta said. 

“I know it’s going to be a tough year and I am happy to do the job this year, but we need some fresh blood.”

Rosetta commented on a good year, highlighting the success of the January TAB Tumut Mile meeting, that saw huge TAB turnover. 

“We had a pretty good year when it came down to it, it was a big year with our first TAB meeting, and it was a successful meeting when it came to that,” Rosetta said.

“Income over the tote was huge and we surprised Racing NSW with how successful that was and hopefully that means we can get a second TAB meeting.”

The popular president explained it was a hard-working committee that made him proudest of their strong 2019/20 season. 

“I would like to offer a big thank to everyone on the committee, because without the committee, we wouldn’t be racing,” Rosetta said.

Rosetta said everyone should expect Tumut to run at a loss in 2020/21 though, with Covid-19 guidelines reducing crowds, yet he believed all focus should be on the quality of racing available to participants. 

“The year ahead will be a challenging one as we all know, and things have changed with Covid meaning we have so many more restrictions,” Rosetta said. 

“We might even run at a loss this year, but we need to race, this year could be our most successful season of racing we have seen.

“We are limited with our crowds, and we have to put a lot of measures in place, but we have to strive to race and give good racing to the area and that is what we are aiming to do.”

Racing NSW and the community are backing Tumut to race this year, and Rosetta said that was important. 

“The stewards and Racing NSW have got behind us and want us to race and I think that racing gives us a chance to get a second TAB meeting,” Rosetta said. 

“It would be massive for us to get a second TAB meeting because it gives back to our sponsors, whilst it could be difficult, it could be our most successful meetings and seasons.”

Rosetta also thanked the Sounds of the Mountain radio station and the Tumut and Adelong Times for their continue support and coverage. 

The Tumut Turf Club is scheduled to kick of their season on October 31, with details around ticketing available soon. 

2020/21 Tumut Turf Club committee

President – Dave Rosetta

Vice Presidents – Frank Snow and Tom Murphy

Secretary – Alicia Hargreaves for Jeff Hanson

Treasurer – Jacintha Bedford for Alicia Hargreaves 

Events Co-ordinator – Michelle Rossiter

Public Officer – Michelle Rossiter for Lauren Roche