Twilight soccer opens with women’s boost

The Tumut Eagles Twilight Soccer Competition is on the rise with an increase in players and witnessing an increase in female players signing up for the social comp.

Over 150 people will take to the Bull Paddock and Hockey Fields on Friday nights for the social soccer competition featuring 20 teams across three divisions.

But this year, 30% of the playing pool will be made up of female players showing an increase from numbers from last year.

The competition is the only chance for Tumut female soccer players to play once over the age of 16 and if they aren’t willing to drive to Wagga for matches.

Spread across the three divisions, the Twilight Competition also opens the door into the Wagga Wanderers soccer team who have selected female representatives from the Twilight tournament before.

The biggest increase has come from the social teams while a handful of female players will apply their trade in the top division.

The rise in numbers is a promising sign for Tumut Eagles president Matthew Lopez, who said it could lead to female Tumut Eagles side in the future.

“We were close to starting a female team a couple years ago but the numbers didn’t work out, but if it happens it will be a welcome addition to the club,” Lopez said.

“Once they get over 16 unless they’re playing for a Wagga club this is the only opportunity available.

“The Wanderers kick off their women’s season next year which is good for the region it gives them an extra pathway into the Wanders.”

While competition’s focus is on providing fun and casual soccer matches, there is also a serious side for players in the top division looking to improve their skills.

Representative opportunities are available for both men and women who excel in the top division while plenty of experienced players will be offering their insight and mentorship around the grounds.

Competition coordinator Ellen Kromar, says the tournament strikes a good balance between the social and serious sides of soccer.

“It’s a great tournament, its great for keeping players fit but also promoting the social side and mentoring side of football,” she said.

“It’s creating another platform for females to get out there and get into football.”

Seven players from each team will take the field instead of the previous six, lightening the load when playing in the heat of summer and creating more opportunities for players.

The competition will stretch across the Bull Paddock and Hockey Fields using every inch of field they can to run the matches.

The first matches kick off at 6pm tonight Friday 9th of November.