Two new registrar doctors for Tumut

The Tumut Family Medical Centre will have two new registrars starting in August on a part-time basis, after losing two of their three doctors, Dr John Curnow and Dr Liz Golez, in early April.

Registrars are doctors who want to become General Practitioners or another form of specialist, and are common sights in various practices around Tumut.

Registrars are in the fourth step in the process to becoming a fully qualified medical professional, after completing a four to six year medical degree, a year long internship, a minimum of a year residency, and then the registrar period of usually two years or more.

The Tumut Family Medical Centre registrars will be placed there for six months, as part of a program organised by provider GP Synergy between doctors and accredited practices.

Additionally, the Centre’s practice manager, Joanne Murrell, said she was hopeful another full-time GP would be found over the next month.

“We haven’t got anyone [to replace the two outgoing doctors] at the moment, but hopefully by July that will change,” she said.

“We are still advertising and actively pursuing finding someone. We’ll also have two new registrars starting in August, coming from Gundagai.

“Registrars train under an accredited specialist, so for us that’s Dr [Osman] Darwiche.”

Meanwhile, the Connection Medical Centre has also said goodbye to Dr Jaison Mangahis, who has also been training as registrar at the centre. He is expected to be replaced with a new registrar in August.