Typical June long weekend for most traders

Accommodation providers and businesses reported mixed trading results over the June long weekend.

It was a good if not great long weekend at the Talbingo Tourist Park.

The cabins were full, but the powered and unpowered sites half full.

“There were a few tourists floating around and workers,” manager James Smith said.

This doesn’t necessarily compare badly with previous June long weekends.

“The June long weekend is a very hard weekend,” Mr Smith said.

“Sometimes there is a fair few floating around, and sometimes there’s no one. It’s a strange weekend; it depends on the weather, so all things considered this one wasn’t too bad.”

The Talbingo Tourist Park is expected to be impacted by ongoing closure of the Mount Selwyn ski resort, but the June long weekend is too early for this impact to be assessed.

“We do get people inquiring about snow season, and some people come up for snow play, making snowmen on the side of the road; things like that,” Mr Smith said.

It was a good long weekend for the Batlow Hotel, especially Saturday.

“We got smashed on Saturday,” the hotel’s head chef Rebecca Adnum said.

“We were astounded by how many people were in the pub.”

The numbers were boosted by the constantly updating meal menu at the pub, and the closure of two cafes in Batlow.

“Ever since the two cafes closed it has been a bit hectic,” she said.

Riverglade Caravan Park co-manager Matt Pearce said it was a fairly typical June Long weekend, busier than a normal June weekend but not as busy as a summer weekend.

“There were plenty of families getting their last camping trip in before the weather gets too cold, but nowhere near as busy as an October long weekend where the weather is starting to warm up and people are keen to get outdoors,” he said.

Harriet House co-owner Kim Crawford said it was the quietest weekend the motel has had since May 2020, the Victorian Covid-19 lockdowns playing a part.

“The Melbourne thing didn’t help,” she said.

“We had a lot of cancellations from Victoria. 

“We still had a few people here, but normally on a long weekend we are booked out.”

She said some travellers had complained of not being able to get snow chains in Tumut.

However, the other business she runs with her sister, Two Tarts Tumut, had a successful, perhaps too successful, long weekend.

“We sold out of tarts, which we are very embarrassed about; we apologise for that,” she said.

The Tumut Visitor Centre also registered plenty of interest over the weekend.

On Saturday, there were 181 visitors, nine call ins and 63 emails in, on Sunday there were 118 visitors,11 calls and 49 emails and on Monday, 61 visitors, 10 calls and 65 emails.

A spokesperson for the Adelong Golf Rush Café said that it was a bit busier than usual over the weekend, with a lot of travellers in town.  

Michael Madigan of Tumut Milk Supplies said that more often than not the June long weekend was the quietest long weekend of all.

“People don’t come here, and locals go away,” he said.