U-turn on grids and gates

Big changes have been made to a new council policy on grids and gates.

Significant changes have been made to the Snowy Valleys Council’s Public Gates and Grids Policy after 32 public submissions were received, strongly critical of the proposed draft policy.

“I should have read the policy better in the beginning,” said Councillor Julia Ham during the SVC’s Policy and Strategy Meeting in October.

“Thank you very much for your submissions. We’ve listened and we hope that the outcome is what people want.”

The changes to the policy are highlighted on the council’s website and include completely removing the line “Council’s long term intention is to not have any gates and grids at all and for all road corridors to be fenced” and changing other portions of the policy which require rural properties to fence along the roadways. Instead, the policy says “Fencing out of the road corridor is preferred where practical… however it is recognised that in some instances fencing the road is not practical.”

Cr Hayes said the policy was an amalgamation of two previous policies and said he was pleased that people had taken the opportunity to comment during the public submission period.

Councillor Cor Smit said he hoped that concerned landholders would see that changes had been made.

“There are quite a number of alternations that have been made as a result of the community feedback … to reflect the intent of the policy rather than what might have been perceived as the effects of the policy on some people,” he said.

Further comments on the Gates and Grids Policy can be made to council members.