Vinnies eyes main street move

Representatives of nine parishes gathered at Tumut Golf Club for the St Vincent de Paul Western Region Conference meeting on Saturday.

Demand is set to see St Vincent de Paul’s Tumut Conference move its store from its current Fuller Street location to Wynyard Street in the CBD.

“There are plans to move the store into the main street as the demand from the community has grown beyond what we can supply in the existing store,” St Vincent de Paul,” St Vincent de Paul Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese director of community engagement and youth Patrick McGrath said.

“I was in the store on Friday, and there was very little room,” he said.

He said the room needed to expand the current store into what is required isn’t there.

“Storage is an issue, and there is little room for processing,” he said.

Mr McGrath was in Tumut for the St Vincent de Paul Western Region Conference meeting at Tumut Golf Club on Saturday, which attracted 17 representatives of nine parishes across the region.

He said the Tumut conference has been looking for some time for a suitable location in the main street, for space and profile reasons.

“It is appropriate that when demand is increasing, then there needs to be an increase in visibility, so the main street seems to be a good idea,” Mr McGrath said.

He said that many issues affecting the local areas represented were discussed at the meeting.

“It was about how we can support one another, and tackling local issues in general,” he said.

“It was about advancing St Vincent de Paul Society work, about which the philosophy is ging a hand up, not a handout. It was a productive meeting which was supportive of advancing the work of the Society across the region. 

“St Vincent de Paul is bigger than just it’s stores. It helps hundreds of people in this area who are in tough spots in as many ways as is practical. The demand is increasing right across the region and every single cent from the money raised by the stores helps people in need across the region.

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