Visitors left wanting more

Sir, – We would like to pass on some comments, mainly from visitors over this last weekend.

The Red Hot Summer Concert was a great success, under extreme weather but from all reports a great show attracting many visitors. Congratulations to the event organisers and congratulations to the businesses who opened to cater for locals and these visitors, unfortunately there was not many.

We at Inside Out Homestore, were open Sunday as usual, having well in excess of 100 people through our store mostly tourists, found a mood of disappointment amongst many visitors and people making  general comments regarding the lack of places open for breakfast, dinner or just to shop.  Many people commented that those food outlets who were open seemed to be overrun and under staffed and people had to wait an excessive amount of time, which some people found very frustrating.

We grew a little  tired of people asking why there was not more shops and food outlets open, especially when we were all aware of how large an influx of people this concert had created – these people just wanted to shop and eat! Unless we start to support these events which are far and few between we will loose any other opportunity for these major events. We have had a great opportunity to showcase the area and welcome visitors… we must support visitors needs for our small town to prosper. There is a lot of competition out there and we need to make our visitors welcome.

It is not a Monday to Friday world anymore…its taking advantage of when the business is there.

These type of events may attract 100’s possibly 1000’s of people into our town, let’s take advantage of it.

Bruce and Virginia Robinson