Visy “good thing for the town”: Administrator

Tumut’s Visy plant.

Snowy Valleys Council Administrator Paul Sullivan was interviewed by ABC Radio last week in a piece detailing concerns about the increased waste Visy will produce with their planned expansion.

However, Mr Sullivan said he doesn’t want his inclusion in the piece to be interpreted as having a go at Visy.

“I wasn’t criticising them, I was just saying that there will be increased rubbish, but the Environment Protection Authority will deal with that,” he said.

“The bottom line is if you expand the plant you’re going to have more waste, because a percentage of recyclables is waste, and it’ll have to go somewhere. That’s all I was saying. It’s something that needs to be addressed but it will be addressed in the Development Application.”

Mr Sullivan said there were plenty of upsides to Visy’s plans, which involves increasing production from 71,245 tonnes per year to 84,515 tonnes per year.

“Yes we’ll be getting more waste but we’ll also be getting more output,” he said.

“Visy are a good thing for employment, it’s good for the town and the whole region really. It’s a good commitment, they’re putting big bucks in it.”

The $50 million expansion of the plant has already been completed, and Visy are now waiting on NSW Department of Planning approval to increase their production. The increase will be the result of efficiency gains on their current site, and will not result in any new direct employment, but council say the point of the development is to ensure Visy stays competitive and keeps the plant in the region.

However, the EPA is requesting that they develop a better waste management strategy for the increase in landfill their increase in production will create.