Volunteers still needed for Festival

This year’s Festival of the Falling Leaf was a smash success.

The Festival of the Falling Leaf put a call-out for volunteers to help on the committee last month, and have they had much of a response since then?

“No one,” said Festival Chairperson Andrew James.

“It’s a bit disappointing…everyone expects it to run every year and for it be this great event, but no one really wants to do the work.

“I had a couple of people asking about it, but no one officially saying ‘yeah I’m in.’”

However, he believes the problem could simply be misplaced expectations as to what being on the committee actually involves. The Festival of the Falling Leaf is quite a professional outfit, running for the past 63 years and being one of the highlights of the regional calendar, so there’s a chance people think it’s a more intimidating job than it actually is.

On the contrary, Andrew said it’s something the committee members look forward to getting stuck into.

“It’s not as big a job as they think – it’s actually fun!” he said.

“It’s just groups of people getting together and sharing ideas, that’s all it is. They set the direction for the festival, and it’s really fun.

“Come along and help, and help make it bigger and better.”

The Festival is held at the end of April, and many readers may feel like the last one only just happened – but the day is the result of nearly a year’s worth of work behind the scenes.

Participants don’t need any prior experience, just a bit of passion for the community and a willingness to get involved.

Initial planning conversations will begin in September, and Andrew is hoping people put their hands up before then so that the ball can really start rolling in a few months.

Andrew James can be contacted on 0407474591.