Vote 1 Ginja Ninja

Tumut River Brewing Co bartender Angus MacRae shows of the Ginja Ninja in the new can variety.

The Tumut River Brewing Co have been pushing hard to have Ginja Ninja recognised as one of the best craft beers in Australia via the Gabs Hottest 100.

The Gabs Hottest 100 is a yearly vote, somewhat similar to the Triple J Hottest 100, which separates the best from the rest in the Australian craft beer stakes.

Announced each Australia day, some 700 independent breweries and major international companies will have more than 2500 types of craft beer vying for top spot.

In 2019, Ginja Ninja peaked at 109 among all entries and 97 among beers made by independently owned breweries, which was a huge achievement for a popular local product.

The TRBC believes Ginja Ninja should be further up the list in 2020 and the small team is imploring residents and supporters of their local brewery to jump online and vote one, Ginja Ninja.

TRBC’s Michael Cichocki explained why they chose Ginja Ninja as their main beverage for the competition.

“It is the most popular product we make and it appeals to people of all ages,” Mr Cichocki said.

“It is also one of the first things ever made by TRBC; people don’t just like it – they love it.” 

The Tumut brewer highlighted just how big the Gabs Hottest 100 had become in recent years and why it was important in what has become a very cutthroat brewery industry.

“When Tumut River Brewing Co started six years ago it was the 105th registered microbrewery in the country; there are now approximately 700 microbreweries, making it increasingly more difficult to stand out,” Mr Cichocki said.

“The Hottest 100 poll helps the 700 independent producers compete with the big international companies which own the rest of the market.”

Mr Cichocki is adamant that having Ginja Ninja poll well will not only help the TRBC but will also bring more tourists to Tumut and surrounds.

“Microbreweries, distilleries and wineries are a major tourist attraction (and) the main reason the brewery opened its doors was to bring in visitors to town and the broader region,” Mr Cichocki said.

“Many of the (Gabs) Hottest 100 voters in places like Melbourne or Sydney have never heard of Tumut, let alone TRBC and making the Hottest 100 therefore puts us on the map, literally.

“The more people come to Tumut, the more beer we sell, the more jobs we can create locally (and) people who visit Tumut are also likely to visit the region.

Voting for the Gabs Hottest 100 closes tonight and to help support the TRBC, you can jump online and visit and vote one, Ginja Ninja.