Warby back in September

David Warby’s jet-powered Spirit of Australia II is being fitted with a new tail for the resumption of the campaign to break the world water speed record on Blowering.

David Warby and his Spirit of Australia II crew have pencilled in the weekend of September 12 and 13 to be back on Blowering Dam to resume their campaign for the world water speed record.

It will be their first visit in just over a year 

“We are working with local authorities; there are a lot of emails going back and forth,” Mr Warby said.

“The situation (with Covid-19) is constantly changing, but that weekend is what we are working towards.”

Those who turn up to watch on that weekend will see a Spirit of Australian II looking quite different to before.

“We have built a new tailplane and are fitting it to the boat,” Mr Warby said.

The main body of the boat is being extensively modified as well, incorporating lessons learnt during the campaign for the record.

“We are completely going over the boat now that we will be going over 400km/h from now on,” he said.

The Warby team are getting aerodynamic and hydrodynamic data from Newcastle University to assess how the boat has been performing and how it can go even better.

The last time the team was on Blowering was the weekend of August 31-September 1 last year, when they enjoyed their best-ever run, reaching 407km/h.

This time they will use the Saturday to get up to this speed, and then push harder on the Sunday.

“We want to get feedback rather than just flooring it and going off into the sunset,” Mr Warby said.

He said that there had been much interest in the team’s return, and many people from far and wide are expected to be there, albeit adhering to Covid-19 enforced regulations.

“We are encouraging everyone to come down,” Mr Warby said.

Mr Warby is attempting to break the world water speed record of 511.11 km/h set by his father Ken on Blowering in 1978.