Warm welcome at Blowering

Jessica and Lauren Meyers of Wagga Wagga and Billy, Harrison and Cooper Fallon of Cootamundra on the water at The Pines on Wednesday.

Another very hot Christmas-New Year break made the shores of Blowering Dam the place to be for locals and visitors.

The Meyers family of Wagga Wagga and the Fallon family of Cootamundra head to Blowering at least a couple of times a year.

“We like the water, the boats, the camping and the mud,” Harrison Fallon said.

“It is the size of the dam and the location, close to Tumut,” Lauren Meyers said.

She said it had been hotter this year than previous years.

“It was very hot on New Year’s Day,” she said.

She said she thought there weren’t as many people there as in previous years.

“It has been super quiet,” she said.

“I thought there would be more.”

People at the dam said that many of their fellow holidaymakers had departed on New Year’s Day.

Neil and Pam Walker of Gundagai acknowledged the heat but they were in no hurry to leave their campsite at The Pines.

“We got here on Christmas Eve and we will be here for a month,” Pam said.

“We’ve been water skiing, fishing and relaxing. We’ve had days of 41 and 42 degrees and we have noticed that the water has gone down a long way. We are here with another couple of families. This is a unique, beautiful area and you can go to Tumut and Talbingo.”

Diane Williams and her family from Cootamundra are also frequent visitors to the Blowering shore, and not just at Christmas and New Year.

“We come up here all the time,” she said.

“We were up here for the Warby speed trials. It is a relaxing, quiet, tranquil, fantastic spot. I can’t believe we’ve got this so close to home.”