Water speed record testing to begin soon

Ken and Dave Warby working on the Spirit of Australia II.
Ken and Dave Warby working on the Spirit of Australia II.

Father-son team Ken and Dave Warby are looking to come down to Tumut and begin testing their custom built boat on Blowering Dam in the first quarter of the New Year.

They are planning on making a bid for the World Water Speed Record.

The current record was set by Ken Warby four decades ago on a boat he built himself in his shed, and incredibly, no one has beaten it since.

That could soon change however – his son Dave is building a boat of his own and coming to claim the crown.

“Next November is forty years since dad broke his first record, so if the dam is full we’d like to come back then and do it again,” Dave said.

“I’m sure in the New Year, in the first quarter of the year, we’ll be down there doing some testing.”

Dave’s boat, which he has been meticulously putting together himself with a bit of help from Dad and some of the team from the original world record bid, is just about ready.

Australian company Norglass has supplied the materials for the waterproof coat of paint, and then the Spirit of Australia II will be good to go.

“We’ve converted the engine to an electric start system, that’s all been done, and we’re in the middle of securing a truck to tow the boat – so we just need to paint it and get it down to do some testing,” Dave said.

The world water speed record saw Ken Warby travelling at 511 kilometres per hour across Blowering in 1978.