Website acts as hub for local producers

The logo for Snowy Valley Harvest was created by Katopra Design and Print.

From apples and berries to beer and wine, the Snowy Valleys is home to some wonderful producers serving up top-quality fresh goods for locals and visitors alike.

But for the most part, they’re all working separately, and it takes hours to find out about all the delicious produce scattered across the shire. It’s long been said that the Snowy Valleys is in need of a cohesive tourism strategy for our fabulous local produce, and now one Tumut woman has stepped up and created one.

Brook Penfold’s “Snowy Valley Harvest” debuted this week, coinciding with Taste Riverina, and is available for all to see at

She said she hopes the site is the beginning of the Snowy Valleys becoming a foodie destination.

“There are so many other places where people go there specifically for food and wine,” she said.

“We have food and wine here, it’s just that everyone does their own little thing, and it hasn’t been brought together as a regional thing,” she said.

“Snowy Valleys Harvest is an online gateway to the best of our Snowy Valleys producers. The aim is to connect the farmers and producers with our local community, and it will also make our region attractive to tourists when they see how much local produce we have to offer.”

“It’s also good because it’s the whole shire, so there’s not that Tumut/Tumbarumba split.”

She has spent the last few months creating the website, and is keen for as many farmers or other makers in the area to contact her to get involved.

There are currently 22 local businesses featured on the site, across Tumut, Adelong, Batlow, Laurel Hill, and Tumbarumba.

As well as making life easier for tourists, Brook also hopes the website will be useful for locals who want to shop local, by making it easy to find out where to go.

“Snowy Valley Harvest is for people searching for local, high-quality, produce who also care about where their money goes,” she explained on the website.

“More money for the farmer makes small businesses more viable and fosters a community of support for the people who produce the food we eat. By shopping with local families you are helping to build a sustainable future for our region’s smaller, independent producers.”

Along with the website there is an associated Facebook page which acts as a community hub for all food and wine related events.