Wiggling into hometown

Yellow wiggle Emma Watkins, her 90 year old grandfather at the Wagga show, and her husband and purple wiggle David Gillespie.

The Wiggles were in the Riverina last weekend, with the fanatically-adored children’s band playing in Wagga and Albury.

They were great shows by any account, but they held extra special meaning for one Wiggle – yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins is from the area, with her dad’s side of the family still living in Tumut.

Emma posted on Facebook this week about her connection to this region, sharing with her followers that “these parts of the tour are really special for me.”

“Being on the regional Aus tour means we get to visit lots of little towns along the way…” she said.

“My family are all from different regional areas and in the last two days we have been to Albury where my Mum’s side of the family is from and then today we went to Wagga which is not far from Tumut, where my Dad’s side is from.

“It was so nice to catch up with my Nana’s best friend Audrey in Albury and my Pop in Wagga; he is 90 years old and just loved the show today.”

Emma’s fans responded by telling her how great the Wagga show was, and recognising her admirable dedication to her family.

“We sat in front of your grandparents yesterday – they were the cutest, singing along and laughing at all the jokes. They are so proud of you!” said Natasha Coetzee.

“So sweet!” said Chelby Wellington.

“Everyone here in Tumut is very proud that we can say that you are linked to our town!! Go Emma wiggle!!”

Claire J Meyer marvelled at how common it is to find someone with a Tumut link. “I grew up in Tumut! Amazing to know how widespread all our families are,” she said.

“I sat next to your Nana in Wagga 2 yrs ago, she was so proud!” said Nicole Smith.

“I asked her if you get your talent from her and she replied: “well perhaps, I used to sing for the soldiers in the war.” So sweet.”

Emma Watkins has been a Wiggle since 2012.

She is married to purple wiggle David Gillespie, and the two posted a cryptic Instagram photo on Tuesday suggesting there could even be a baby Wiggle on the way.

They will certainly be adept at entertaining there own little one if that turns out to be the case.