Williams preparing for career after rugby

Sharni Williams, pictured here representing Australia in 2019, is putting plans in place for her life after rugby.

Batlow’s own Sharni Williams is contemplating life after rugby and has used her upbringing in the small Snowy Mountains town as motivation for her next big move.

Williams will be teaming up with Slocoach, an online training and education platform that give kids a chance to learn the craft of their chosen sport by interacting with their favourite sporting stars.

The Olympic gold medalist said that the forced break during the Covid-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise, offering Williams the chance to link in with this unique opportunity.

“This break away from rugby has given me that opportunity to have some down time and to think about what is after rugby, and even had me putting things in place,” Williams said.

“This (Slocoach) is something I jumped on board with because it is the perfect time, people may be stuck at home but it gives me the chance to train with anyone in the world.”

Slocoach, which should be up and running as of this week, is a virtual training program, and those who want to learn the skills of rugby, can link up with Williams in interactive videos.

“I think it’s amazing, this option gives kids from Batlow, Tumut, Wagga, and everywhere a chance to learn some passing, skills, tackling and all those things,” Williams said.

“They film themselves doing the movement and send it to me and my face comes up on their video and it turns into this one-on-one session, and I am able to help guide them with their learning.”

The Australian women sevens captain, who is passionate about fitness and health, is also a trainer with Avalon’s F45, and said that online training was always a platform she wanted to move into eventually.

“It is definitely a massive space I am passionate about, I want to get kids off the coach and doing stuff,” Williams said.

“Parents don’t have the time to trip kids around all over the place these days but this virtual training gives kids a chance to go out the back and throw the ball around and still learn those valuable skills.”

Williams, who will be the face of Australian rugby sevens for Slocoach, will be working in with the likes of Australian cricket legend Greg Blewitt, Wallaby representative James O’Connor, Australian netballer Catherine Cox and many more well known athletes.

“It’s huge, there are so many people getting on board and this has the potential to be the next big thing is sports training,” Williams said. 

“There are so many talented people involved and kids from all different sporting backgrounds will have the opportunity to learn from the best there is.”

For anyone wanting to interact with Williams and learn how to pass the perfect spiral, or find out more about Slocoach, they are encouraged by Williams to visit www.slocoach.com.au.