Wind stymies Warby trials

Peter Wilson, Luke Potter, Jeff Barnett and Christine Pain with Mr Wilson’s aircraft at Blowering on Saturday.

Windy conditions prevented David Warby and the Spirit of Australia team getting anything out of their speed trials on Blowering Dam at the weekend.

Warby, while not attempting the world water speed record this time, was hoping to build up to a speed closer to the 511.11km/h target, but the wind, frequently accompanied with rain, meant this was impossible. 

“It was just too dangerous, with 30-plus kilometre an hour winds,” Warby said.  

“It was bad on Saturday and worse on Sunday. You can’t control everything.”

He, the boat and team will be back on Blowering before the end of winter.

“We will be back at the back end of July or early August,” he said.  

Warby thanked Tumut Rotary, National Cranes, Tumut Auto Electrical, Talbingo Tourist Park, pilot Peter Wilson and others who came to the dam to support the team.

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