Tumut High graduation dinner


The Tumut High graduating class of 2016 held their formal dinner last week, and their teachers were there to provide some well-earned advice for their future years.

The current cohort’s year advisor Lucy West praised the humour and cohesiveness of this group of students.

“As you embark on the next stage of life, remember, that life is meant to be embraced. Be passionate about what you do, be the best you can,” she said.

“Take time to reflect. Assess your strengths – we all have them – and channel them appropriately.

“Whatever the job or pursuit, wherever the setting, make a difference, whether it be big or small.

“We grow when we are out of our comfort zones. Your experiences in the next 5 – 10 years are the building blocks of your character, outlook, and in many ways your life as an adult.

“Do something that proves to be different and hopefully challenging. Don’t be a victim of complacency.”

Ms West encouraged the students to take on big adventures and to explore the world around them, with a list of suggestions that doubtless had many students dreaming and planning for their ventures into the wider world.

“Trek through the Annapurna range in Nepal, ride a camel for two weeks through the desert of Rajasthan to the Pakistani border, come face to face with a male silverback gorilla in the jungle of Uganda, have wild lions follow you through the darkness in the middle of the Serengeti, work in the Middle East, 4 wheel drive to Cooktown, lay on the beach and watch the amazing tidal fluctuations in the Kimberley. Be stranded on a track in the middle of nowhere!” she said.

“Embrace new cultures, meet people from all over the world – and you can easily do that in Australia – develop tolerance, empathy and the desire to want to know more.

“It’s when we leave our security behind that we learn the most about ourselves. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go – experience life and everything it has to offer, while you can. There is always a lesson and ultimately, always a positive. Take what you can and move forward.”

Tumut High Principal Don Dixon drew the audience’s attention to a letter he received from the HSC exams Presiding Officer Peter Cross, which highlighted the students’ remarkable work ethic.

“I am writing to confirm what I said to you about the Year 12 students sitting their HSC exams this year,” Mr Cross said in his letter.

“They proved to be an outstanding bunch exemplified by the manner in which they approached their exams, especially was this so during the initial English exams when, for the first time in my 20 years as a supervisor, the whole group remained until the end of exam times.

“This group is a credit to the school and to their teachers.”

The students’ ATAR results will be released on Thursday December 15. Photos pages 12-13