Yarning circle for Brungle

The shape of the yarning circle is starting to take shape, with work being done by participants in the Work for the Dole program.

One of the recipients of the Snowy Valleys Council Strengthening Communities Grants was the Brungle Bush Tucker Garden, who will be using the $4000 grant to create a Yarning Circle.

The man behind the garden, Luke Penrith, said the circle was a place for the community to share their wisdom.

“It’s a place where people can sit and have a good yarn, and you can also go there and reflect,” he said.

“We’re trying to get some of the elders to pass down down some of their knowledge to the community and especially to the Aboriginal youth.”

The project will create a meeting place with a fire pit, cultural path, seating and a cultural shelter.

The bush tucker garden will also continue to be developed as a teaching and learning space for the community to learn about local native species, how to use them as food and for medicinal purposes. Work is currently underway with an estimated completion date of January next year: keep an eye out for the launch next summer.

In the short term, there will be a working bee coming up soon to plant seasonal foods in the garden.

“We’ll plant some summer fruits and berries, tomatoes and lettuces and all that kind of stuff,” said Luke.

“It’s going really good, and we’re making sure that the elders have ownership of the yarning circle, over the design. We’ve been sitting down and thinking about what sort of materials we’re going to be using.

“We want to use as much traditional stuff as possible, and also to create in the Aboriginal-style old huts – we’ve had consultation with the elders and we want to showcase that to the younger people. Like, this is how you live now, and this is how Aboriginal people used to live.

“We want to thank the council and the local community for their support. We also might be looking to see if any local businesses want to offer in-kind support, with materials and things like that.”

Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Luke Penrith at 0408 728 547.